The Cocktail creation case


The Cocktail creation case

Admiral Collingwood is a traditional, juniper driven spirit, this 100 proof gin is one smooth sailor. Admiral Collingwood has a tighter range of botanicals and is truly an excellent gin for cocktails, or even simply sipping with a wedge of lemon as garnish.

Our Wry Vodka uses locally malted rye grain, and filtered through our own charcoal made from locally sourced Ash hardwood, it’s exceptionally smooth with a peppery finish.

Our innovative new liquid garnishes are the perfect accompaniment to your G&T as well as your favourite cocktails. The sprays are designed to enhance flavours within your drink. Originally these were created for the best cocktail bars in London but due to high demand we have decided to release them directly from here at the distillery.

The two Sprays included in the cocktail creation case are Bergamot Orange and Kaffir Lime. These are two bold citrus flavours which perfectly accompany not only our gin and vodka but some of our favourite cocktails.


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