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Low Calorie and Low ABV Gin Serves

3rd January 2023

Low Calorie and Low ABV Gin Serves
The beginning of the year calls for a relaxation of indulgence. Dialling back the festive extremities to normal volumes. We know many of you will be taking part in Dry January or looking for low calorie alternatives to your favourite food and drink. Here's a couple of options for low calorie and low ABV serves to ease yourself back into normal life.
1. The Slimline G&T
Let's start with the simplest of changes to a classic. Cut the calories in your G&T but switching to a premium slimline tonic for a lighter version of your favourite drink.
2. The Martini
A low-calorie cocktail that just so happens to be one of our signature serves. Combines 70ml Silent Pool Gin with a dash of Orange Bitters and garnish with a lemon.
3. Seltzer Highball
The ultimate refreshing low-cal, low ABV serve. It's easy to make and tastes delicious. Combine 25ml Silent Pool Gin in a highball glass and top with Cucumber and Mint Seltzer, or, opt for the same flavour of soda instead.
4. Rose Collins
Combine 50ml Silent Pool Gin with 225ml Lemon Juice and 20ml Honey Water in a highball glass filled with ice. Top up with Mango and Peach Seltzer or Soda
5. Low ABV G&T
We've got a special trick up our sleeves to expertly fake a G&T. Fill a glass with tonic and ice and spray a Silent Pool Aroma Mist Garnish across the top. Take our word for it, you'll feel as if you're sipping the real thing.
6. Gin Soda
Add 25ml Silent Pool Gin to a highball glass, top up with Soda Water and garnish with lemon or lime. Easy, simple, satisfying.