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#forthespirited - cambridge audio

cambridge audio silent pool gin event


What effect does sound have on your enjoyment of a cocktail?

We collaborated with Cambridge Audio on the Silent Pool Gin Sensory Gin Experience to explore the relationship between sound and taste.
Cambridge Audio is a British company who produce high-end hifi, and have done since the 1960s. Their global HQ is in London and, as you might expect, it features an event space that houses an epic sound system.

At the event, Silent Pool Gin cocktails were served accompanied by various soundscapes and music styles designed to illustrate how sound can alter what we want to drink and how we taste it.

The event was led by Professor Barry Smith, Director of the Institute of Philosophy at the Institute of Advanced Studies at University of London, and co-director of the Centre for the Study of the Senses, who took the audience through a series of highly enjoyable experiments with sound and gin to demonstrate how our senses work together.


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