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#forthespirited - compass candles

 compass candles silent pool gin up-cycled candles


Our beautiful location by the ancient and chalk-filtered Silent Pool is a constant reminder of the need to use our resources responsibly. This is particularly the case when it comes to our much-admired bottles and while many are upcycled by our customers into water bottles, vases and lamps, we were keen to find a use for those that are left unused. 

Compass Candles offered the perfect solution. 

This small company prides itself on creating candles using natural ingredients such as soy wax and natural cedar wooden wicks. The team have also perfected the art of melting the wax to balance the scent and create the all important ‘scent-throw’.

Each Silent Pool Gin bottle is perfectly cut for a smooth edge and then filled with soy wax. This has a lower melting point that standard wax so that you can easily clean the bottle once the candle is used up, and use it as a vase. 

The unique cedar wick produces a subtle and relaxing crackling sound when lit, a nod to our wood fired boiler. 

Our candles come in two wonderful fragrances: Juniper & Cassia Bark and Bergamot & Lavender - some of the 24 botanicals that give Silent Pool Gin its beautiful flavour.

As part of the project, we are encouraging customers to return their bottles to the distillery to receive £5 off a 70cl bottle of Silent Pool Gin or 10% off one of our new Compass Candles.


For more information about our up-cycled candles click here.   #forthespirited   @silentpoolgin