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Festive Gifts

Silent Pool Distillers Festive Gifts 


Fantastic Silent Pool Gin gifts for every gin fan and every budget! 


Our beautiful gift boxes, each resplendent in the Silent Pool Gin botanical design, come in three options:

The Copa Gift Box contains a bottle of award-winning Silent Pool Gin and two Copa glasses.

The Bar Set Gift Box contains two tumblers, a copper coloured jigger and matching pourer alongside a bottle of Silent Pool Gin.

Our Silent Pool Gin Miniatures Gift Box opens to reveal two Silent Pool Gin miniatures (5cl each) within.




The Copa glass 

The Copa glass is key to a great G&T serve: its balloon shape captures the aromas of the gin so that you smell the spirit before you taste it, thus enhancing the flavours. The large bowl also means you can add plenty of ice to keep your drink cool (the more ice you add, the less you dilute your drink because it stays frozen for longer). And the long stem prevents the heat of your hand from melting the ice when you hold the glass (conversely, it also ensures your hand doesnt get chilled by the ice).  

Just to tip you over the edge of the buy now button, our Copa glass is enhanced with our signature botanical design and arrives in a gift box. Frankly, why stop at one? 


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The Tumbler 

Yes but my friends prefer a straight glass. Thats fine, because we have those too. We launched our tumblers in the summer and they sold out quicker than you could say make mine a double.  Now theyre back, and in beautiful gift boxes too. 


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The perfect Boxing Day breakfast!! Our Silent Pool Gin-infused smoked salmon is produced in collaboration with Coln Valley Smokehouse, one of the UK’s last traditional smokehouses, to create a truly delicious culinary experience. Crafted to accentuate the kafir lime and juniper berry botanicals within our gin, it is bursting with fresh flavours


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When it comes to giving Christmas presents, you really can’t go wrong with a candle - especially when it is made from an upcycled Silent Pool Gin bottle, giving each one a second time to shine.  Each soy wax candle is fragranced with bergamot and lavender natural essential oils, both key botanicals in Silent Pool Gin, and have an impressive 45 hour burn time.  

Alternatively, and for fabulous festive dining tables and night lights, our candle holders combine a teal coloured inner glass and an intricate copper coloured casing that mirrors our bottle design and casts flickering shadows as the candle within burns. Available in two different sizes.  


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The perfect stocking filler for the gin lover who has everything – except a garnish for their gin! Our innovative gin mists are a garnish in a bottle and are designed to enhance your drink in the same way as fresh ingredients.  We originally made them for top cocktail bars in London, but due to high demand we have now made them more widely available.  

All our mists contain natural essential oils to add flavour to your gin. Both the bergamot mist and karfir lime mist are based on key botanicals in Silent Pool Gin. Our Christmas mist is a festive treat containing oils from winter spices.  

To allow the flavours to infuse with your G&T, simply spritz two sprays over the top of the glass. Each bottle contains 200 sprays – enough to garnish up to 100 G&Ts!  


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Take Christmas lunch for grown-up guests to a new level of fabulous with our luxury Christmas crackers.  Each beautifully crafted teal and copper cracker contains a miniature bottle of Silent Pool Gin together with the classic hats and jokes. Theres no better way to kick off your festive feast. Just keep an eye out for those over-zealous types who try to pull every cracker at the table! 


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Everything a Silent Pool Gin fan could wish for when it comes to prepping a gin party bar or accessorising a gin shelf or drinks trolley. 

Mix and match from a range of affordable bar kit, all themed to match our Silent Pool Gin bottle: a 6l ice bucket (to fill up to 20 G&Ts), jigger, pourer, apron and bar mat - each available separately or as part of our bar kit sets. 


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Our award-winning gin, handcrafted at our small distillery in Surrey using 24 botanicals and water from the Silent Pool.   

No gin lovers Christmas list would be complete without it!