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Halloween Offers

Silent Pool Distillery Halloween Offers


Ok, we’ll be honest. There’s nothing scary about our gin, it’s just that the orange bottle makes for a brilliant Halloween set up. But if you’re looking for some ideas for Halloween, there’s no reason you can’t get into the Halloween spirit the adult way, with an autumnal G&T. Make yourself up a pumpkin infused halloween cocktail or turn your empty Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin bottle into a lamp for the perfect orange glow or as a Halloween gift. Just treats here, no tricks.


Silent Pool Distillery Halloween Bundle

Halloween Gin Bundle

All things orange – enjoy Halloween with our exclusive bundle available until October 31st. Includes a bottle of Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin, a Orange, Mandarin and Bergamot Candle, 8 Fever Tree Tonic waters and bottle string lights so you can turn your empty bottle into a gorgeous lamp. Even better? The bottle lights come free.


Silent Pool Rare Citrus Halloween Cocktail

Pumpkin Seed Gin Cocktail 

Don’t throw away those pumpkin seeds! Make a scarily good cocktail instead… combine 50ml of Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin with 25ml Lemon Juice and Garnish with pumpkin seeds


Rare Citrus Candle

Upcycled Gin Bottle Candles

Don’t fancy a pumpkin? Set the scene with our Orange, Mandarin and Bergamot upcycled candles. The perfect Halloween treat.