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#forthespirited - The Gasp Mongol Rally

mongol rally charity quest team with car


Serial adventurer John Griffiths is an experienced expedition leader and always eager for a fresh challenge. His latest venture is The 2019 Mongol Rally.  Described as 10,000 miles of chaos across mountain, deserts and steppe on roads ranging from bad to impassable, it is a perfect match for our #forthespirited campaign and we happily stepped in to help sponsor the project.

When John said he needed to find a suitable vehicle for the race, we immediately thought of the GASP motor project workshop just across the road in Albury. GASP deliver practical mechanical and engineering skills to young students to encourage positive personal development, teamwork and social integration. GASP not only kindly provided the car for the expedition but also used the newly developed skills of their young apprentices to get the car fighting fit for the adventure ahead.

“I’m confident we will make it to Mongolia as I have a team of friends around and there is very little ‘quit’ in me,” said John of the challenge. “ The fact that GASP have got involved is everything I could want for this expedition. Hopefully it will encourage their guys to have a go in the future.”

John and his team are using the expedition to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK and the Cool Earth Fund. The distillery has also agreed with Albury Estate to plant hundreds of trees to offset the mission’s carbon footprint.

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