Admiral Collingwood Navy Strength Gin
Bottle 50cl ABV 57%

A traditional, juniper driven spirit, this 100 proof gin is one smooth sailor. Admiral Collingwood has a tighter range of botanicals and is truly an excellent gin for cocktails, or even simply sipping with a wedge of lemon as garnish. Navy strength gins originate from the olden days when sailors used be paid in part with booze. One of the ways to check that nobody had tampered with their gin was to pour a little on the gunpowder and see if it would still light – 57% is the lowest ABV at which the cunning sailor’s musket would still fire!

This gin is in fact named after our Master Distiller’s Mother-in-Law, who is a descendant of Admiral Collingwood (brownie points!). For those without a Navy background, Admiral Collingwood fought alongside Admiral Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar and indeed won it after Admiral Nelson was taken injured. We hope that Admiral Collingwood would’ve like his namesake gin!


  1. Fiona Thompson

    A very very good gin indeed! Not being too keen on too many ‘flavours’ and loving a traditional feel to my tipple, this is my favourite of the moment.

  2. Ian Somers

    Topping tipple. Hopefully sister will bring resupply north of the border next visit

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