Albury Limited Release Blackberry Gin Cordial


Albury Limited Release Blackberry Gin Cordial
Bottle 35cl ABV 30%

In a high proof base gin, we steep freshly picked blackberries before decanting and filtering the resultant liquid to obtain a sweetly alcoholic Blackberry Gin Cordial. This sweet nectar weighs in at 30% ABV, and can stand its own in a high quality tonic, in a glass of prosecco, or is the perfect addition to a summer barbeque.


  1. Hazel Farrelly

    This is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever had pass my lips! I am so sad it’s limited as I want this for the rest of my life. It really is gorgeous and I can’t recommend highly enough.

  2. Julia Beagley

    We literally stumbled across the Silent Pool Distillers by accident after walking our dog. What a pleasant surprise. After sampling the Blackberry Gin Cordial, amongst others, I was so impressed with the quality and flavour I purchased several bottles! It was delicious on its own and equally wonderful with Fever Tree Tonic. I have yet to try it with Prosecco or Champagne but this is next on my list. I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the Silent Pool Distillers and will return for one of their tours and buy some of the Silent Pool Gin.

  3. Pedro Gray

    Fantastic !

  4. Melody Evans

    Absolutely delicious, would highly recommend.


    Made by the makers of Silent Pool, that most brilliant of local gins, this limited release ‘alcoholic cordial’ is designed to be used alongside the gin to flavour your G T, or add it to sparkling wine to create a Kir Royale.

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