Albury Limited Release Cordial and Prosecco


Albury Limited Release Cordial and Bottle of Prosecco
Bottle 35cl ABV 30% plus 75cl Prosecco

Celebrate the crisp winter season with us and glam up your glass! Our Blackberry Gin Cordial and a bottle of Prosecco is the perfect combination to celebrate with alongside your family and friends this Christmas.

Albury Limited Release Cordials

‘ALR’ as it’s affectionately known by the locals, is a product which allows our distillers to do what they do best – make amazing new gins and experiment with new flavours! Each batch is different, depending on what’s in season. Our Blackberry cordial is a gin based sweet liquors. They are perfect on their own, mixed with tonic, in your favourite fizz or drizzled over ice cream.  Made by steeping locally sourced, fresh fruit in Gin for up to 8 weeks, we then filter and bottle to create two unique cordials which we are immensely proud of.

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