Albury Limited Release Plum Eau De Vie


Albury Limited Release Plum Eau De Vie
Bottle 20cl ABV 50%

Eau de vie – “water of life” – light, aromatic fruit brandy designed to capture the essence of the fruit. With its 7 plate rectifying column and Holstein patented catalyser, our still is perfect for producing such spirits, it felt right that when the British fruit came into season we would produce our own, special and limited run of Eau De Vie. Using 100% fruit, grown in Kent, we manually sorted through and selected only the perfect fruit before fermenting at a low temperature for 2 weeks to maintain the bright aromas. When fermentation had finished we then double distilled the alcoholic fruit slurry into the light, aromatic fruit brandy.

Our English Plum expresses rich, juicy plum with a hint of bitter almond & vanilla.
Great in a big brandy glass, possibly with a cube of ice. The plum is also great for use in deserts & cooking to add rich fruit flavours, or a small flame to a Christmas Pud!



    But his first love are the gorgeous, impeccably pure eaux de vie that he makes from pears and plums, cherries and raspberries, and even, in a distinctly Northwestern touch, from the springtime buds of Douglas firs.

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