Albury Limited Release Strawberry Gin


Albury Limited Release Strawberry Gin Cordial 35cl

In a high proof base gin, we steep freshly picked strawberries before decanting and filtering the resultant liquid to obtain a sweetly alcoholic Strawberry Gin Cordial. This sweet nectar weighs in at 30% ABV, and can stand its own in a high quality tonic, in a glass of prosecco, or is the perfect addition to a summer barbeque when drizzled over dessert.

Strawberries from our local area are picked and cut by hand, and left to steep for over a week in 86% ABV gin. Once we are sure that all of the delicious flavour and colour of the strawberries has been transferred into the gin, we bottle it! This means that a strawberry can be sitting in a field in Godalming one week, and in your glass by the next! Once opened, we recommend that you keep your Gin Cordial in the refrigerator – it’s made out of fresh strawberries after all…


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