Silent Pool Gin Christmas Crackers – Box of 6


The ultimate Gin Lover’s Christmas cracker.
Bottle 6 x 5cl ABV 43%
What do you get if you take the humble Christmas Cracker and cross it with a dash of the finest Gin ever to grace God’s green earth?  You’ve guessed it, the Silent Pool Ultimate Gin Lover’s Christmas cracker.  Each beautifully crafted teal and copper cracker contains a 5cl bottle of our award winning Silent Pool Gin together with the Christmassy cracker classics (hats and jokes).  There’s no better way to kick off your festive feast.  Just keep an eye out for those over-zealous types who try to pull every cracker at the table.  You know the ones we’re talking about.  Price is £65 per box + £4.95 delivery.


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