Silent Pool Mist – Bergamot Orange Liquid Garnish


Silent Pool Mist – Bergamot Orange Liquid Garnish – 30ml

Our innovative new liquid garnishes are the perfect accompaniment to your G&T as well as your favourite cocktails. The sprays are designed to enhance your drink in the same way as fresh ingredients. Originally these were created for the best cocktail bars in London but due to high demand we have decided to release them directly from here at the distillery.

Best known for its association with Earl Grey tea, we use bergamot to contribute a rich, floral and slightly bitter citrus note which balances with the sweet juniper. Our Bergamot Mist adds an intense and most of all unique citrus aroma to any drink.

Two sprays directly into your glass will allow the flavours to infuse with your drink of choice. Each bottle contains 200 sprays which will garnish up to 100 of your favourite drinks.




  1. Liz Pain

    This enhances the whole gin drinking experience. The aroma is heavenly and it certainly adds to the overall enjoyment of your G&T. Drinking gin just isn’t the same without it so it’s a good idea to carry a bottle wherever you go!

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