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Silent Pool Distillers Gin - Custom Collection

The Custom Collection

Make your gin bottle your own with the Custom Collection. This unique offering allows you to add an image and text of your choice to the front of your bottle of gin.

Ideal for the gin-lover that has everything, a thoughtful gift for any occasion, or just so there’s no confusing who the gin belongs to!

We’ve introduced four new exclusive flavours to our Small Batch Range that can have a customised label created. Back label comes as standard.

Step 1: Choose your gin: Classic Juniper, Fresh Grapefruit, English Garden and Spiced Pepper

Step 2: Upload your photo

Step 3: Add Text

View our guide here.   For frequently asked questions click here.

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Choose 6 bottles of our Custom Collection with a single label design and receive a 10% discount here.


Available Flavours:

Original Juniper

A classic tasting, juniper driven gin that takes you back to traditional times. Enhanced with clove, vetiver and Belgian angelica root to create a woody spirit. This gin has a flavour that will hold its own in any cocktail and is a must for all old school gin lovers.

To Serve:

Perfect for a classic G&T, garnished with lime. Original Juniper is also ideal for any cocktails, such as a gin martini or negroni. For the Original Juniper Negroni, just mix equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth and serve on the rocks.


  Original Juniper rear label


Fresh Grapefruit

A bright and zesty gin with forward notes of locally sourced grapefruit. Enhanced with coriander, lemon and green cardamom, finishing with sweet notes of liquorice root. This is a modern flavour for a modern pallet, ideal for anyone that loves their citrus.

To Serve:

Mix with a light tonic and garnish with a slice of grapefruit.

Alternatively, create a Fresh Grapefruit Gin Spritz by adding a shot of gin to an ice-filled glass. Top with two shots freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and top with sparkling wine. Serve with a slice of fresh grapefruit and a few leaves of fresh basil.

English Garden

Our English Garden Gin is a light, floral gin reminiscent of the Great British countryside. It provides a subtle mix of local lavender, rose and whole chamomile flowers, balanced by rich bergamot orange. This gin is perfect for anyone that appreciates lighter, more delicate flavours.

To Serve:

For an English Garden Tom Collins, combine English Garden Gin with sugar syrup and lemon juice in a tall class, topped up with soda water. Alternatively, create a delicate G&T with light tonic and a slice of lemon.



Spiced Pepper

Our Spiced Pepper Gin is flavoured by Voatsiperifery, a rare Madagascan pepper that provides richness and warmth in equal measure, with high amounts of ginger creating a strong, spiced flavour. This gin is made for cocktail lovers and anyone unafraid of something a bit different.

To Serve: Mix with an original Indian tonic G&T with our Bergamot Orange Mist. Spiced Pepper Gin is also perfect for a Dirty Martini. Mix 70ml of gin with 1 tbsp of dry vermouth and a dash of olive brine. Shake with ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into a chilled glass, garnish with an olive. FAQs Page – ‘Helpful hints’




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We want your designs to look the best that they can – so we’ve put a small list together to help.

You can also see our demo-video at the bottom of the page, which shows the main steps as you’ll see them. ·

Image Quality

- Don’t forget that any images can be cropped and edited in the ‘Image Editing’ area! Just insert your picture, click on it, and the Image Editing option will appear on the right-hand side.

- Any images that aren’t a high enough resolution (518 x 8879 pixels) will prompt a message in the app, but we still recommend using the highest quality image that you can.

- Try to avoid using dark images, as they are less likely to come out well when printed. If you’ve got a photo that you want to use that might be too dark, we’d recommend going to the ‘Image Editing’ area to slightly increase brightness and/or decrease the contrast on the picture for a clearer print (generally speaking, about +/-15 will be enough). ·

The best Text

- We’ve found that for your main line of text, using block capitals looks best. It works for our SPD range, so it should work for you too!

- Adding a text box will only let you type in one line. Simply click ‘Add more text’ to insert another text box on another line. The best way of making these the same size is to overlay your text before dragging them into the right place.

- Remember which flavour you’ve chosen! Our back labels come as standard, but each has its own unique colour, which we’ve left as an option for your text. This means you can match the front colours to the back, but only if you know which flavour you picked.

· Placing your order - Make sure to pick one of the flavours (rather than clicking ‘none’) before you customize your bottle. This way you can add it straight to your basket when you’re done.

- Don’t forget to save any of your designs that you like - that way you can always come back to them later.

Delivery Time

- We will need an additional working day to print and prepare your custom bottle/s over our normal delivery times.

- Remember, you must own the publishing rights to any image you wish to use.

- By placing an order, you agree to our T&Cs – if there’s anything on your label that we disagree with, we will hold the order and contact you.


 A guide to producing your custom label:

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