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Silent Pool Distillers Small Batch

Silent Pool Distillers are proud to introduce the eponymous brand new small batch range. Combining some of the old faithful’s from the Albury Limited Release range with some fresh new experimental spirits, the Silent Pool Distillers range is our ode to the Surrey Hills and surrounding areas.
The new range includes English Rose, Admiral Collingwood Navy Strength, Damson, Blackberry Gin Liqueur, Rye Vodka as well as an exciting new Italian inspired spirit, Apricot Aperitivo. An adventurous leap for our Head Distiller Tom Hutchings, creating a new take on the distinctive bittersweet flavour of Italian digestif. “We experimented with various combinations of flavours and it slowly emerged that the flavours of the fruit notes worked incredibly well with savoury and herbal notes,” said Tom. “The initial sweet fruit flavour develops onto the herbal earthy notes, followed by the slightly astringent finish leaves you wanting more.”  

Experimenting with different fruit to create new gins, gin cordials, aperitivos and vodka not only yields some unexpected and innovative new spirits but also provides an exciting new market for surplus produce: Susie Van Der Gaag who works with the Kent orchard growers said: “When we have a glut of fruit - what a great way for it to be used by sending it off to Silent Pool Distillers for them to make some of their delicious liqueurs!”

In line with our principle of working with local businesses and individuals, we ran a competition with the Surrey Hills Art Council to find the perfect artist to bring to life the glorious spirits inside.  The competition was won by a young illustrator with strong links to the Surrey Hills, called Alice Garrard. Alice loved the Silent Pool ethos of ‘intricately realised’ spirits and their connection with the Surrey Hills flora. “They wanted me to add a creative influence so I produced intricately detailed drawings informed by nature which are then coloured digitally. It’s a traditional method but with a contemporary twist, exactly the same philosophy as the distillery.  And it helped that I also love gin!”  
It’s not just the range of liqueurs that is experimental and expanding. The whole distillery experience is growing too.  Thousands of visitors enjoy the Silent Pool Gin Tours every year and the distillery is also now offering floral workshops and special walking tours, a G&T party and Stories Behind the Bottle. Click here for more details.

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