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Silent Pool Gin Bottle Refill


Enter the Dragon: our new refill service


The Dragon


We are very proud to introduce The Dragon - our new Silent Pool Gin refill machine. Its sustainable, fun and interactive: just bring your empty bottle to the distillery shop – and you even get to push the button!



Here’s everything you need to know…

  • The Dragon - our refill machine - is our response to customer requests about reusing their favourite gin bottle as well as being a step towards our aim to work more sustainably as a distillery.
  • We’re a small, independently owned distillery and we distill and fill every bottle of Silent Pool Gin on site already, so we had everything we needed on hand…except for a refill machine.
  • The refill machine started life as a 50l Still Dragon, originally used during the development stage of Silent Pool Gin. We’ve moved on to 350l and 1800l stills now, so our dragon was ‘resting’ in a corner of the distillery. Our Head of Operations, Tom, took it on himself to give new life to the dragon and repurpose it into a refill machine. It was meant to be a simple job, done in his spare time. In the end it took months of fine tuning and head scratching but luckily Tom is not one to give up. Thank you, Tom.
  • Why so tricky? Because the machine needs to dispense precisely 70cl of gin per refill. No more, no less. Initially the dragon didn’t always want to co-operate. Why? Because dragons can be like that (but please speak to Tom if you want a more logical explanation of the engineering process).
  • The dragon now lives in the corner of our distillery shop, ready to meet our refill needs. Simply pop by with your bottle and we will place it in position. You then get to press the button, and the dragon does the rest.
  • The dragon will only fill 70cl Silent Pool Gin bottles. Don’t risk his wrath by turning up with an inferior vessel.
  • And finally…no, you cannot lie beneath the spout with your mouth open. Nice try though.

The cost of a refill of your own bottle is £33.30 - a 10% reduction on the price of a new bottle. We also donate 50p per refill to the Silent Pool & Woodland Maintenance Fund.

Please aim to travel to the distillery sustainably to get your refill. We do have a car park but we also have plenty of space to park bicycles. If you want to walk, we’re accessible via a beautiful rural footpath and we have a safe area just outside the shop to tie dogs (and out of site of the dragon, of course).