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Spring Sale


Shop the special offers in our Autumn Sale. The perfect chance to try something new, get some gifts in early or as a well deserved treat.



Chamomile Gin Cordial

Silent Pool Distillers Chamomile Gin Cordial

Grrengage Gin

Silent Pool Distillers Greengage Gin

Candle Holder - Large

Candle Holder - Large

Save £6

A gin cordial that captures the essence of a verdant summer meadow.
Rich with floral chamomile, delicate honeyed tones and notes of herbal tea, hay and orange spice, this beautifully complex and aromatic spirit has a sweet, oaky flavour balanced by citrus notes and vanilla creaminess.

Save £6

Packed with plummy greengages, a fruit considered to be the finest dessert plum. Grown in Kent and harvested in early autumn when perfectly ripe and naturally sweet, they add tart notes of freshly stewed fruit to the spirit that contrasts with a bright, zesty finish sourced from lemon citrus and subtle savoury notes of fennel and seed bay

Save £2.50

Can’t get enough of our glorious botanical pattern? Neither can we. With an attractive teal coloured inner glass, reflective of the depths of the Silent Pool and an intricate copper coloured casing representative of our stills Juliet and Ophelia, the Silent Pool Gin candle holder is a must for any gin lover. Whether used to light late night G&Ts on the patio or cosy nightcaps in front of the fire, this beautiful candle holder will cast flickering shadows of our 24 beautiful botanicals, and you might even catch a glimpse of the fair maiden chased by evil King John. Available in two different sizes.

Large: Height 10cm, diameter 9cm

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin Apron

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin Apron

Silent Pool Gin Cap

Silent Pool Gin Cap

Silent Pool Gin Apron

Silent Pool Gin Apron

Save £7

A black apron adorned with the Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin logo embroidered on.

Unisex bartender apron.
Features an adjustable neck strap and pocket on the front.
Length (with neck strap): 99cm. Width armpit to armpit: 71cm. Length of each waist strap: 85cm. Length not including neck trap: 84cm

Save £5

Classic cap with Silent Pool Gin text embroidery. Branded copper and teal colour scheme.

Classic adjustable snapback fastening at the back of the cap.

100% cotton, one size fits all.

Save £7

Our luxury embroidered Silent Pool Gin Apron will certainly add sophistication to your ‘at home’ bar.

12 pack Ready to Drink Gin and Tonic

12 Pack Silent Pool Gin & Tonic Can

Cool Bag with 6 Ready to Drink Gin and Tonic

6 Pack Silent Pool Gin & Tonic Can in Cool Bag

4 Pack Ready to Drink Gin and Tonic

4 Pack Silent Pool Gin & Tonic Can

Save £15

At last, a proper G&T in a can. We've mixed 200ml of our bespoke Indian tonic, created to complement Silent Pool Gin perfectly, with 50ml of Silent Pool Gin - a double measure in every day language. For a limited time save £15, while stocks last!

Save £7

A gorgeous Silent Pool Gin Cool Bag with 6 Silent Pool Gin Ready to Drink G&Ts inside. Perfect for keeping your G&Ts at their ideal serving temperature while on the go. Save £7 for a limited time!

Save £4

Save £4 on our 4 pack of Silent Pool Gin & Tonic cans.