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The Approach



Our original inspiration for our award-winning gin was drawn from the Silent Pool and the surrounding natural beauty. Months of research had to go into extracting exactly the right combination of flavours from our romantic botanicals. We broke each ingredient down to the molecular level, identified each ingredient’s flavour profile, and the best way to obtain it through the distillation process.

Our unique four-stage process allows us to precisely control the quality and flavour of our gins. A portion of our botanicals, including Bosnian Juniper berries, liquorice root, cassia bark, orris, and bergamot are bruised and macerated in base spirit before being transferred to the still. These give depth and mouthfeel, the rich and heavier flavours.

Then we have the gin basket infusion, which hangs in the neck of our Holstein still. Fresh orange and lime peel, dried pears, Macedonian Juniper and Polish Angelica, to name but a few, lift the spirit with bright aromatics and rich citrus notes.

The more delicate botanicals such as rose petals, kaffir lime leaves, linden and elderflower are separately macerated in a process that we’ve called the ‘Gin Tea Infusion’, stripping the oils and aromatic compounds from the vegetal matter. This is strained and added to the pot, which lend the gin its ethereal high notes of perfumed lime and floral essence.

The distillation process is completed using a multi-chambered fractioning column, and through precise control over a series of plates and cooling pipes, we are able to perfectly balance the final spirit. The resulting spirit is bright and floral with endless depth and complexity, makes an award-winning G&T yet it is smooth enough to sip neat.





Our distillery is situated on the Albury Estate which is in the heart of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We are adjacent to The Silent Pool, which dates back to The Ice Age and is renowned for its tranquility.

Our beautiful rural location is a constant reminder of our need to work sustainably to minimise our impact on both the local and wider environment by reducing our carbon footprint and waste.



Our original 350l still Juliette is heated using a repurposed steam boiler - The Major - originally built in 1870. It is predominantly fired by well seasoned local hardwood sourced locally from the Albury Estate, helping to keep fuel miles to a minimum.

Our larger 1800l still Ophelia has a boiler that is fired by hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) in place of red diesel. This is made by refining 100% renewable inedible waste or residue foodstock and this renewable fuel re-duces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.

The 16.5kW of solar panels on our south-facing distillery roof produce electricity which is fed into the National Grid. This helps offset the power we use in the distillery.

The still house in which we produce Silent Pool Gin has a closed loop cool-ing system to significantly reduce water consumption compared to conventional distillery cooling systems. Utilising the fairly temperate ambient air temperatures in the UK, this system also uses a relatively small amount of power on all but the hottest of days. The system also allows us to use the excess heat from the distillation to heat the distillery building during the winter months.

Our vodka is filtered using charcoal that is created for us locally.

Our Silent Pool Gin bottles are capped with tin rather than plastic, and we use glass stoppers rather than plastic and cork.

We group deliveries into full loads to reduce carbon emissions from vehicle deliveries.



We recycle our bottles into holders for soya candles.

Our Silent Pool Gin refill machine was introduced due to customer demand, and it’s also a step towards our aim of working sustainably as a distillery.  It is engineered from a Still Dragon that we were no longer using and it’s fun and interactive to use: customers bring their empty bottle to the distillery shop, we load the bottle for them, they push the button and The Dragon does the rest!

Although the plastic bags we use in our shop are recyclable, we will be re-placing them with strong paper bags (bottles of gin are heavy!) once we come to reorder.

We use compostable tasting cups in our shop and on our tours. These are made from PLA - a plastic resin made from corn starch.

Our onsite bar serves G&Ts in our Copa glasses which the customer can take home to reuse.

We serve mineral water in glass bottles and will soon be switching to local bottled water supplier from the South Downs.



We contribute financially to the upkeep of the Silent Pool including funding the eradication of non-native weed from the pool and restoring and maintaining the natural plant life in the pool and surrounding area.

We are a significant local employer and the majority of our staff live within 20 minutes of the distillery. We are a part of the Cycle to Work Scheme and our staff have access to a shower and an area to change out of their cycling kit.

We have planted a wildflower meadow and grow lavender on our patio to encourage bees and wildlife to the site. The roses on site were originally displayed at our RHS Chelsea Garden before being moved to the distillery.


Bottling Line

Our automated bottling line was purchased in 2018 and is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.


European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development