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Upcycled Candles

silent pool gin upcycled candles

Introducing our new upcycled candles

Here at the Silent Pool Distillery, our environment has always been key to the brand (the gin is named after the local beauty spot) and therefore we are keen to preserve resources. By using solar panels on the roof, a heat exchange in the distillery and biofuel to feed the boiler, we are making steps towards becoming more carbon neutral.  
Alongside this, ‘Tony’, our new recycling machine, has allowed us to efficiently separate materials and thus, dramatically increase our recycling output.

But the big question has always been what do we do with our empty Silent Pool Gin Bottles?

Whilst some of our crafty customers have put our bottles to other uses; table water bottles, vases, lights – and even chandeliers, a fraction of our bottles were still left unused. Too beautiful to discard of course.

Then Sam and Becky from Compass Candles approached us with an alternative idea: to repurpose old bottles as luxury candles. After squeezing out every last drop of our delicious Silent Pool Gin, each bottle is professionally cut with a smooth finish and then filled with soy wax. Akin to the distillers here at Silent Pool Distillery, Becky and Sam have a passion for using all-natural ingredients including a unique cedar wick which, when lit produces a subtle crackling sound, much like our wood fired boiler. 

Inspired by the romantic botanicals that give Silent Pool Gin its distinct flavour, these candles come in two wonderful fragrances: Juniper & Cassia Bark and Bergamot & Lavender.

Get £5 off a bottle of Silent Pool Gin

As part of the project, we are encouraging customers to return their bottles to the distillery to receive £5 off a 70cl bottle of Silent Pool Gin or 10% off one of our new Compass Candles (terms & conditions apply).

juniper and cassia bark candle and box


bergamot and lavender candle and box

Juniper and Cassia Bark


Bergamot and Lavender


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  For candle use and care click here.


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