Silent Pool Gin Signature Serves

From a classic negroni and the ultimate G&T recipe to honey-inspired creations, our quick and easy gin cocktails are perfect to make a moment extra special.  Whether it is just taking time out for you to enjoy by yourself or making a celebration with a gathering of family and friends these cocktails will add something special to any occasion.

Silent Pool G&T

Mix the perfect G&T by combining 50ml Silent Pool Gin with 150ml Premium Indian Tonic in a copa glass filled with ice. Garnish with an orange wedge or Silent Pool Mist – Bergamot Orange Liquid Garnish.

Bee's Knees

A classic cocktail recipe ‘Bees Knees’ first appeared in a ‘Cocktails de Paris’ in 1929 and credited the Head Bartender of Ritz Hotel, Paris.  The simple combination of gin, lemon and honey is a perfect mix and essentially swaps sugar syrup for honey.  Our local Albury honey is a floral style of honey but in fact any type of honey will work well.
To really celebrate the Albury honey that we use in every batch of Silent Pool Gin, we bring you a Bees Knees cocktail.

Seasonal Cocktail

Pumpgin Spice

The changing of seasons doesn't just bring a shift in our surroundings; it marks the perfect moment for a cocktail recipe switchover. So why not indulge in our latest creation, the Pumpgin Spice cocktail?  

Join us in celebrating the beauty of this season and the exceptional taste of Silent Pool Gin. Here's to cozy nights and memorable sips!

50ml Silent Pool Gin 25ml Lemon Juice 15ml Pumpkin Spice Syrup 10ml Sugar Syrup

Shake and double strain into a Nick & Nora Glass.

Festive Gin & Tonic 

Embrace the Magic of the Season with our Festive Silent Pool Gin & Tonic!

Prepare to be captivated by the flavours of Silent Pool Gin and scents of the season, as you sip on the festive joy of our Silent Pool Christmas Mist Gin & Tonic.

50ml Silent Pool Gin
100-150ml of Premium Indian Tonic
2 spritzed of Silent Pool Gin Christmas Mist to garnish

Simple add 50ml of Silent Pool Gin into Silent Pool Gin Copa glass filled with ice. Top up with 100-150ml of Premium Indian Tonic. Finish with 2 sprays of Silent Pool Gin Christmas Mist to garnish.

This holiday season, sip and be merry with our Christmas Mist Gin and Tonic. It's the perfect way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Silent Martini

Despite vodka's popularity, most cocktail aficionados would agree that the best Martini recipe is a gin Martini recipe. Looking into the history books for the origins of the Martini will reveal a similar story: the earliest recognizable Martini recipes, from Italy and the United States, all call for gin.  Silent Pool Gin is particularly brilliant gin for a martini with is layered aroma and delicate floral combined with juniper backbone to create a complex layered martini.

Rare Citrus Gin Signature Serve


Born in Italy, the Negroni is the world’s most popular cocktail created in 1919 made with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari plus ice and orange garnish. The Rare Citrus is a fantastic gin to use in a Negroni due to the range of exotic and aromatic citrus fruits within the gin.  It is famous as the perfect aperitif and there are many fantastic variations on the classic negroni recipe.