Silent Pool Gin


Silent Pool Gin
Bottle 70cl ABV 43%

Our signature gin, with 24 botanicals carefully chosen for their uniqueness. All the botanicals work together in unison to afford a romantic, complex flavour. Fresh floral and clarifying citrus notes are grounded by earthy and spicy cassia bark and cubeb.  The smooth finish is achieved with the help of local honey. Refreshingly individual, intricately realised gin at an ABV of 43%. Recommended serve is with a generous handful of ice, a dash of tonic, and a twist of orange peel to garnish.

A desire to capture the essence of England’s beautiful, rural landscape in our spirits led us to this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  As the principle ingredient in gin is juniper berries, which once grew abundantly in the Surrey Hills, it made perfect sense to be based here.  With a vision of creating handcrafted, premium spirits, we located our distillery on the bank of the spring-fed Silent Pool.  The crystal-clear water, which springs from a deep, natural aquifer, is the inspiration for our flagship Silent Pool Gin.  Each of our 24 unique botanicals is carefully selected and, where possible, locally sourced. The pulse of this outstanding landscape beats right through the heart of the distillery and the spirits we produce.



    This is just simply the best Gin I have ever tasted.

  2. Kenneth

    Over the years my wife and I have sampled more Gin than we care to remember! This Gin however, is by far the best.

    • Mads Iafrate

      Dear Kenneth,

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. We love to hear that people love our gin as much as we do!

      Silent Pool Distillers

  3. Hazel Rawson

    Came to the Heritage Day today. Have already opened my souvenir! I have a collection of about fifteen gins now and this one is up there at the top. Absolutely beautiful. Has the finest nose of any gin I have ever had – and that is more than a few!

    • Mads Iafrate

      Dear Hazel,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. It’s great to hear that not only have we made it into your gin collection but that we are also up there with the top!

      Silent Pool Distillers

  4. Diana

    I had some of your Gin in one of your amazing glasses at local restaurant Kinghams and thoroughly enjoyed it.. So much so that my friend bought me a bottle and I am proud owner of 2 of your glasses.. Really hooked on G&T now but yours is as Tina Turner would say “Simply the Best Better than all the rest ” Cheers !!

  5. Sarah Stanton

    I tried this gin for the first time at a local gin festival and it is the best I have tasted. I tried it with Mediterranean Fever Tree Tonic and it was amazing.

  6. Andy Brogan

    Tasted this gin for the first time when at Gatwick. Absolutely blown away by it. Thought I had tasted lots of great time but nothing can compare to Silent Pool

  7. Sarah Robertson

    For someone who hails from Plymouth, Devon and so is a devout drinker of Plymouth Gin, I have to say after being recommended this beautifully bottled gin, I was not dissapointed. Absolutely lovely gin. Is now a staple in my house!

    • Mads Iafrate

      Dear Sarah,

      Thank you for your lovely comments about our Silent Pool gin! I’m glad to hear that it is now a staple in your house.

      Kindest regards,

      Silent Pool Distillers

  8. Flemming Kokholm

    I have just been to a gin tasting last night. As I have several gins at home it was purely a tasting – no shopping from my side. However after having tasted this fantastic gin I could not resist in bying one 🙂
    Of course I did not buy it for me but for my wife (it might be possible that I forget to tell her…)

  9. Mike

    Discovered this at a gin festival a couple of years ago and have to say it is now right up there as one of my favourites. So floral and clean, with a beautiful honey finish.
    I always have a bottle in a cabinet and it never fails to impress visitors!

  10. Gary

    Simply one of the best gins I have ever tasted. Try with either Tesco or The cooperative standard gin, plus a couple of generous slices of red grapefruit in a good size gin glass with 8 or so ice cubes.

  11. Gary

    Oops meant to say standard tonic!

  12. Amy Burton

    I received a bottle of Silent Pool as a Christmas present and I am happy to report that your wonderful gin did not disappoint. So, I have ordered another bottle and this time with the beautiful glasses. What a deliciously crisp drink, beautifully made, gorgeously presented and from a truly unique and wonderful spot in the Surrey Hills that I have encountered on many fine walks. Thank you!

  13. Pauline Toon

    I’m currently relaxing with a SP G&T (Christmas Present from Sis) so i thought i’d check out your page and reviews.

    I agree with all, lovely fragrant clean taste……but no one has mentioned the simply beautiful Turquoise Blue Bottle?

    Whoever thought of it is a genius. As I reach for it in the fridge ( i like my gin cold all year round) the bottle conjours up deep blue pools to slip into on a hot summers evening or an ice blue pool on a Winters day, to sit wrapped up warm…..enjoying a Gin

    I cannot put it in the recycling! I think it will have go in our bedroom, the next one, maybe the bathroom? The one after that the spare room, the one after that…..well we’ll see, lovely table water bottles!….They will be talking point especially when water is poured and not what is expected! Haha!

    I must stop now as i’m rambling (probably the gin)…

    Yours glowingly!

    Polly Toon x

    ( Henfield W. Sussex )

  14. Lisa

    I received a bottle of your fabulous gin for my birthday ……. the best gift ever! I am a convert for sure! Thank you Silent Pool

  15. Mike

    I don’t often feel moved to add comments to websites, but Silent Pool gin is a rare beauty. Extraordinary taste, smoothness and subtle complexity. A total triumph. Well done you.

  16. marion firth

    bought myself a bottle as a christmas treat and it has now replaced edinburgh gin as my favourite…’s wonderful!!!

  17. Carmen

    Absolutely the best!

  18. A.T.

    Although I have been tasting Gin for just 5 years this is by far the most recognisable and unique Gin I ever tasted. Everything about it is perfect: from the flavour and the smell to the design of the packaging. I had it for the first time in a traditional pub specialised in Gin with a Fever Three tonic in its proper glass and, after going through a bottle, I can easily say this is one of my favourites Gin.

  19. Kay clifforth

    Was drinking this last night best I’ve ever had

  20. Alistair Jamieson

    Wonderful Gin! Especially whilst sitting watching the Southern Ocean off South Australia! You guys were recommended by one of your Surrey locals and he was spot on!!! Loving it! Hoping to find it locally now.

  21. C of St Albans

    I have to admit as to not having heard of SP before today but my lovely sister has just given me a bottle (with a couple of glasses) for my birthday and I’m already hooked! Great taste, great marketing….well done people, a fantastic gin. You must be so proud.

  22. Maureen.

    My son lives in Surrey and told me about Silent Pool.I am pleased to say that,it is now a firm favourite. I love everything about it and the turquoise bottle is lovely, and I have some of the beautiful glasses too. My husband and I particularly like it with Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic. It looks amazing and luxurious and tastes fantastic.

  23. Sandra Race

    I would like to purchase 2 of your finest glasses to go with your silent pool gin can’t seem to find them on this site
    Many thanks

  24. Valentina

    As others have said, the best gin I’ve ever had. Everything about it makes me feel tranquil and happy, even before I drink it. The name, the colour schemes and then add in the aromas and aromatics. That’s before a drop passes your lips.

    It’s like a spa in a bottle. I like mine with Mediterranean Fever Tree tonic water, a liberally garnished bergamot orange glass, giant ice cubes and then further garnished with a sprig of rosemary and 2 slices of fresh lime.

    Tranquility and heaven.

  25. Liam Parry

    Easily the best Gin I’ve ever tasted. Before trying this I naively believed that all Gin was the same! No longer!

  26. Jane Pendall

    This gin is wonderful and tastes even better out of the matching glasses! Do you recycle the bottles – if you don’t, you really should. I am collecting the empties to return to you when I visit.

  27. Danni Casey (Leeds)

    First tried this Gin at the Weekend after wanting to for a while. As people have said above this is simply the nicest Gin I have ever tasted. Its very smooth and refreshing. I’ve just bought myself a bottle and I don’t know how any other could come close.

  28. David Boland

    HI, I am just a beginner to the gin scene however my wife is an old hand (ha ha ha) i have now had quite alot of gins and my wife has had more than she would choose to remember. I love your gin and my wife and i agree it’s the best we have had the pleasure to drink. We where at a restaurant in London and asked for your gin, they served us the silent pool in two superb glasses inscribed with your brand name on them,Is there anywhere i can purchase these glasses as i can not find them anywhere. I am now a an converted Gin drinker thanks to you superb Silent Pool.

  29. Katie

    This week I came to a very inforamative and fun tour of the distillery. It is such a shame that Silent Pool Gin isn’t vegan. I would definitely buy and support this gin if it was.

  30. Victoria

    The bottle is just beautiful but I was surprised to see no ingredients or information on it (is that even legal) and only after coming to your website I’ve discovered there is honey in it and that I shouldn’t have drunk it as a vegan! Not impressed with that but was impressed when I drank it. Could you not do a version with lychees or cherries which are high in sugar instead of honey??

    • Danny

      Hello Victoria,

      We’re happy to hear you like our bottle and were impressed with the Gin inside!

      We’re sorry you drank without knowing it had honey in it! All the patterns on the side of the bottle are in fact the botanicals we use in our Gin. Also each bottle should come with a neck tag which does state that we use locally sourced honey. If your bottle did not come with a neck tag please let us know where you bought it so we can follow it up. Please send those details to

      Thank you,

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