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Green Man Spirits

Green Man Gin Bottle


Green Man is an enigmatic figure of legend who embodies the power of nature and the free spirit of the forest. As a humble, woodland gin distiller we recognise the need to behave differently. Green Man Woodland Gin is the world’s first spirit packaged in a cardboard bottle. Not world saving by itself, we admit. But if we’re going to do what’s right by the earth, we figured we’d do it right here, where we live, in Britain’s most wooded county.
Lightweight, carbon-friendly and 100% recyclable. The cardboard bottle is made from 94% recycled paper, uses 77% less plastic, is 5 times lighter and has a carbon footprint 6 times lower than a glass bottle.


We plant a tree for every bottle sold.  Read more.


We have partnered with Tree Nation who coordinate tree planting projects all over the world, at the end of each month we work out how many bottles we’ve sold and then plant trees via Tree Nation. It’s a great story for us to tell here in the UK and overseas to export customers.

Customers ordering online get an email to let them know we’d like to plant a tree on their behalf – they can then choose the tree and planting location. The feedback on this has been fantastic!

At the end of each year we’ll also work out mileage done by company vehicles and overseas business travel and plant trees to offset the emissions.

So far in 2021, we have planted almost 2,500 trees across India, Madagascar, Nepal, Tanzania and the UK, offsetting 140 tonnes of CO2. This is around a hectare of forest (2.5 football pitches).