Award winning WRY Vodka


WRY Vodka
Bottle 70cl ABV 40%

100% Rye grain spirit re-distilled with a small amount of rye malt to add a sweet, creamy mouth-feel. This compliments the hint of spice attributed to the base spirit.

We researched our local wood selection and found Horn-Beam to be the densest. It grows naturally on the Albury Estate in the Surrey Hills.

Based in the Clandon Woods, just the other side of the hill to our distillery, local woodsman John Sinclair uses traditional charcoal making techniques to convert the wood over the course of three days.

The horn-beam is converted into a dense charcoal with a large surface area. After distilling & diluting, we slowly trickle our spirit through a deep bed of our charcoal, filtering impurities from the spirit.

The end product is a creamy, smooth Vodka with a delicate peppery finish. Smooth enough to sip  but versatile enough for your favourite cocktails.

Contains only English ingredients.


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