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Artisan Tasting Day

Join the Artisans of Silent Pool for four and a half hours of delicious cheese, wine and gin tasting you’ll never forget.

Starting at the boutique family-owned Albury Organic Vineyard, you’ll receive a warm welcome and an introduction to the English wine scene. You’ll learn about what goes into wine production and how their hard work has made them the ‘must-have’ wine in many of England’s most luxurious restaurants and hotels.

With your taste buds whetted, you’ll sample some of the estate’s delightful flagship wines including, later in the year, the world-renowned Silent Pool Rosé, served on the Royal Barge during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. You’ll also have the opportunity to taste the vineyard’s limited release wines and spirits which Albury open exclusively for our Artisan Tasting Day – making you part of a truly select group of secret tasters.

Next it’s off for a short walk across the grounds to the Norbury Park Cheese Company. There you’ll find out about the history of cheese making before sampling Norbury Park’s range of handmade artisan cheeses in a delicious tasting session.

The tour then moves to the Silent Pool Distillery where you’ll relax as you pause for a sumptuous lunch and enjoy a G&T from a complimentary Copa glass. Followed by learning all about the history behind what makes Silent Pool Gin so unique, followed by a talk on the development and creation of distinctive cocktail flavours and combinations.

If you’re a connoisseur of exquisite taste, you’ll love our Artisan Tasting Day.

Should you not find a date that works for you please e-mail to see if we can arrange a tour specially for you and your group.

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Albury Vineyard

Albury Vineyard is the result of Nick Wenman's passion for quality wine. Nick planted the vineyard in 2009 having retired from the IT industry to fulfil his dream of owning a vineyard. Nick believes that key to the sucess of the wines is the vineyard's committment to organic and biodynamic principles, together with excellent winemakers and his talented vineyard manager Alex, one of the few female vineyard managers in England. Her expertise is vital to the running of the vineyard, and her dog Attila is well loved by visitors. Albury is a family-run vineyard, with Nick's daughter Lucy now part of the team and granddaughter Poppy a regular visitor (if only to visit the bee-hives and sneak a taste of the honey!)

Albury Vineyard is situated on the southern slopes of the North Downs in the beautiful Surrey Hills, just outside Guildford on the A25 towards Dorking. The vines are the traditional Champagne varietals of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, as well as some Seyval and Pinot Gris. We are committed to producing organic fruit without the use of chemicals such as herbicides and fungicides, and produce English wine of the highest quality; a still rosé and quality sparkling wines.






Silent Pool Distillers

Drawn by a common passion for craft distilling, a group of friends came together to create a new kind of distillery, producing handcrafted, artisan spirits with uncompromising quality. In an extraordinary location on the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate, a group of dilapidated farm buildings on the banks of the legendary Silent Pool has been transformed to become the home of the Silent Pool Distillers.

In keeping with the original vision for a sustainable business, a vintage wood-fired steam boiler was restored to power the hand-built copper still, created for Silent Pool Distillers by the Arnold Holstein Company in the Lake Constance area of Germany.

The distillery was completed with the arrival of the bespoke stainless steel tanking, sourced from the Vipara Valley in Slovenia, tanking designed to hold both the spirit and the crystal clear water used to make delicious spirits.

Norbury Park Farm Cheese Company

Started in 2001 Norbury Blue &  Dirty Vicar soon became a cheese's noted locally for their distinct taste and flavour which is derived our family run closed herd of fresian cows whom have  a rich and diverse diet, also which adds to the unique flavour  is the fact that all the flavours are not cooked out with the commonly used pasteurisation process.

The closed herd of Fresian cows Graze on the lush meadow grasses at the foot of the South Downs by the Rother Valley.  The cows roam freely Spring through to Autumn as of January 2018 are now being milked by robots, meaning that the cows are free to get milked when it suits them, producing a more relaxing atmosphere and ultimately happier cows!

The milk is collected from the farm and delivered to the cheese making dairy 45 minutes away where it is then pumped into a 900 litre vat and heated.  The moulds are then loaded by hand and salted washed and transferred into the maturing room where they stay for around  4 weeks.  When the test results are returned the cheese is ready to be marketed. 

Norbury Park Farm Cheese Company Ltd is a small family run company and we pride ourselves in our handmade artisan product and our non commercial attitude towards our much loved cheese that cannot be found in any supermarket.

That's why you will always find Neil and Michaela put quality before profit.






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  • Dietary Considerations

    Silent Pool Distillers

    Silent Pool Gin contains honey so is not suitable for vegans as does our Honey and Grapefruit Gin.  We have other gin based products as alternatives.  

    Information for Coeliacs:
    Silent Pool Gin is produced using a wheat-based ethanol, however, this should not be a problem for coeliacs. Even when a cereal that contains gluten is used as an ingredient, all spirits are distilled during the manufacturing process and as this removes any trace of gluten. Therefore, all spirit drinks (including malt whisky which is made from barley) are safe for people with coeliac disease.
    Having said this, the distillery is not actively 100% gluten free and therefore there is the possibility of trace amounts being present. For this reason, it is dependant on the severity of the allergy, so the decision is left up to the customer.

    Lunch is a Ploughman's which contains both cheese and bread containing gluten.

    Norbury Park Farm Cheese

    Norbury Park Farm cheese is made with cows' milk and therefore unsuitable for vegans or the lactose intolerant.  Unfortunately, we do not have vegan cheese alternatives.

  • Footwear and Clothing

    Aside from the stroll up from the Silent Pool Car Park, there is a 200m or so walk between sites with some uneven surfaces. We recommend comfortable footwear and clothing appropriate to the forecast weather.

  • Distillery site accessibility

    We have a limited number of Disabled parking bays outside the distillery.

    All other vehicles we ask to park in the public Silent Pool Car Park. A lovely two-minute stroll from us.

    We advise during the winter, with the dark evenings, anybody attending a 7pm tour to bring a torch as the public walkway up to us is not well lit and we would hate for anyone to injure themselves getting to or going from their tour.

    Coaches will need to drop its passengers in the public Silent Pool car park as access to the site is narrow.

    Mini buses with up to 24 seats will be able to drive up to the front of the distillery to drop off passengers before parking in the public Silent Pool car park.

    Sorry, the distillery is a foodstuffs production area so, pets are not allowed onsite.  Please do not leave animals in unattended vehicles.  There is plenty of nearby walking if one of your group is energetic and volunteers to look after the dog during your visit…

Artisan Tasting Day Bookings

Silent Pool Distillers Gin Experience vouchers (card type) can now be redeemed against these tours at the rate of £20 per place shown on the voucher.​

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