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An intricate gin experience

Posted by Silent Pool Distillers on 18th Nov 2021

Here at we constantly look for ways to enhance your time away. Located in the heart of the Surrey Hills resides a charming Gin Distillery, Silent Pool Distillers. Here’s why we think you should add a visit here to your weekend break:

Weekend getaways are like a shot of espresso (or gin in this case) that can help you through your working week. With not much time to spare nowadays, it is important to treasure the time you do get. For guests looking to get away to hotels in the South of England, we highly recommend taking a day out to experience a gin tour at Silent Pool Distillers.

A Brief History

Founded in the Spring of 2014 with inspiration from Scottish Whisky Distilleries, Founder, Ian McCulloch set about turning his dream into a reality, to build a distillery that’s a part of the community. Four years on and the vision of creating premium hand-crafted spirits is very much real, which has led Silent Pool Distillers to become one of the most respected distillers in the country.

With local ingredients and a nearby fresh water source, their award-winning gin is an extension of the local area. Further embedding itself in the wooded areas of Guildford, the transformation of its location at Old Sherborne Farm has also helped the resident economy.

Silent Pool Distillers Gin Experience Tour

Quintessentially English, this tour is like no other in which we hope you’ll leave feeling a lot wiser and substantially warmer. But let’s start from the beginning. Your experience sets off in the patio area overlooking the Silent Pool, the perfect surrounding to take in the history of the pool and how Silent Pool Distillers came to where they are today.

The Story Behind the Bottle

With gin samples in hand, the history sets the scene to present the signature Silent Pool Gin bottle. An intricate teal-coloured glass bottle, complete with a heavyweight glass stopper, and finished with an embossed copper foil design, which references some of the 24 botanicals as well as the King John folklore. This signature bottle is a necessity in your home.

The Boiler Room

Probably the warmest room in the distillery, the boiler room is the start of the gin making process. Originally a cow barn before its transformation, you will learn the boiler’s history and its part in the process.

Back to the Still

As you head back to where the Still resides, you will gain a fascinating insight to the 1600s and where the history of gin began in The Netherlands. Uncover the recipe, botanical by botanical and the importance of each during the distilling process.

The bit you’ve been looking forward to the most – Tastings

We hope you have a designated driver or taxi booked as you’ll be spoilt for choice with the spirits on offer. From the signature Silent Pool Gin, English Rose Gin and Admiral Collingwood to Eau De Vie and Wry Vodka to name but a few.

With beautiful wooded surroundings and cosy pubs nearby, a tour of the Silent Pool Distillery is a memorable experience to round off your perfect weekend getaway to the South of England.

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